The Rivendell design system focuses on foundations and a set of solid, flexible components. The patterns designed using the system are unique to the products using the system. We believe in designing UI solutions to suit the content, not fitting content to the design. This is particularly applicable to marketing website design, which is core to Rivendell's design.

What are patterns?

Referring to recurring or ever-present elements or practices throughout a product. A few examples include navigation, cards, empty or loading states, notifications, and modals. Documenting a pattern library helps us to identify these elements in an effort to establish and maintain consistency in our product's structure, user experience and design.

Design system thinking

Where can I find patterns for each product?

Speak to team leads on the products using the Rivendell design system, as to the patterns they have designed.


Patterns from products using the system:

Image Gallery pattern Breakout Image pattern Image & Caption pattern Masthead pattern

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